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Week Long Stormy Conditions For Northeast India, Heavy Thunderstorm Likely

April 16, 2024 2:46 PM |

Northeast India is expected to have week-long weather activity, lashing most parts of the region. Activity may commence today itself and go on for about a week or even longer. Elevated areas may have intense weather with large spread and the other parts are slightly better off. The first typical pre-monsoon spell with thunderous stormy conditions accompanied with lightening strokes are likely over the region. Most of the weather activity strikes late in the evening and night hours.

The western disturbance has cleared the northern mountains and moved eastward.  Because of highly elevated terrain, most of the lead features of weather systems get occluded and therefore, difficult to catch in the wind stream. However, these get perspicuously manifested in the satellite imageries and are easy to track. After vacating the Western Himalayas, these disturbances reach the eastern parts with a lag of 24-48 hours. Under favourable meteorological conditions, fairly widespread pre-monsoon activity gets triggered, sometimes hazardous.

Anticyclone over North Bay of Bengal is fueling moist winds over Northeast India, and across Bangladesh.  The heterogeneous terrain of the northeast modifies the characteristics of the weather system, to add severity to the scale of the phenomenon. Elevated areas of Arunachal Pradesh can expect snowfall and Assam Valley and Meghalaya will have strong thunderstorms and squally activity. Upper Assam and its southeastern parts will be more vulnerable than the lower Assam. Similarly, Nagaland and Manipur will be more susceptible to inclement weather conditions, as compared to Mizoram and Tripura.

Fierce lighting and frightening thunder invariably damage life and assets, more so the electronic equipment. Heavy rains can trigger some landslides and roadblocks. Incessant rains and gusty winds can damage the standing crops, if any. Exercise caution to secure the assets and life for this prolonged duration.

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