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Monsoon 2019: When will Rajasthan and Gujarat see Monsoon rains?

June 10, 2019 3:15 PM |

Monsoon in Rajasthan

The states of Gujarat and Rajasthan are adjacent states, and while they are contiguous, these states are entirely different as far as weather aspects are concerned.

In the Pre Monsoon season, the state of Gujarat remains dry wherein Rajasthan sees dust storm and thunderstorm activities on a larger scale. Rains are also common in the state of Rajasthan during this time while it is the heat which is prevalent in Gujarat during Pre Monsoon season.

This year, Rajasthan saw bumper Pre Monsoon rains with 69 percent surplus. West Rajasthan fared better than the eastern parts at 74 percent excess in comparison to the latter’s 54 percent. On the other hand, Gujarat saw large deficit rains with 84 percent deficiency wherein Saurashtra saw rainfall deficiency at 89 percent and the Gujarat region was rain deficient by 81 percent.

As June begins, Monsoon also starts setting in for the country, wherein most parts of Gujarat see Monsoon rains by June 15 as per the normal dates. On the other hand, by June 15, only only extremely southern parts of Rajasthan see the arrival of Monsoon and it takes one month for Monsoon to reach the last post, i.e. West Rajasthan, which is around July 15.

Moreover, June 1 onward, whatever rains are observed are counted in the Monsoon rains. By the first  fortnight of June, two thirds of India is covered by Monsoon.

Contrary to the Pre Monsoon season, Monsoon gives more rains in Gujarat as compared to Rajasthan. The state of Gujarat sees way more rains than Rajasthan. In fact, the Gujarat region sees 915 mm of rains as compared to Saurashtra and Kutch which records half the amount at 477 mm between June and September.

Moreover, in terms of Monsoon rains, West Rajasthan and East Rajasthan also see large variations, with East Rajasthan observing 616 mm of rain and West Rajasthan seeing 263 mm of rainfall.

In the year 2018, Gujarat was deficit in the Monsoon with -34 percent rains for Gujarat region and -24 percent for Saurashtra and Kutch. Meanwhile, East Rajasthan saw normal Monsoon rains at 3 percent and West Rajasthan at -23 percent.

This year, Monsoon has made a delayed onset over Kerala and arrived seven days later than its usual date which means Monsoon will have a delayed arrival over Gujarat as well as Rajasthan. However, in view of potential Cyclone brewing in Arabian Sea, very heavy rains in Gujarat are likely. Moreover, this system may spill some rains in Rajasthan as well.

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