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With bumper Monsoon performance of 2937 mm, Goa surpasses annual rains less than 8 months

August 27, 2019 6:03 PM |

Goa Rains

Goa sees heavy rains during the four months of Monsoon. In fact, Goa has witnessed very good rains this Monsoon season. So much so that Goa has already crossed its annual mean, in just eight months of the year.

As it is, it is only the Monsoon months when it rains. Other months, starting with November to April, remain practically dry. Rains are only seen between the months of June and September.

The month of May observes some Pre Monsoon rainfall while the retreating Monsoon gives some rainfall in October.

More than 90 percent of the annual rains are seen in the Monsoon season. For Goa observatory, the annual rainfall amount is 2918 mm, however, this year, even before the end of August, Goa has now seen 2937 mm rains, which means it has easily surpassed its monthly rains.

Usually, June and July are the rainiest months with 900 mm of average rains, each month. Rains in August dropped to 597 mm and further reduces to 260 mm in September.

This time, August has contributed largely with 944 mm as of today, which is the second highest in a decade. Highest rains in August were seen in 2014 to the tune of 978.6 mm, which is likely to be surpassed in the next few days left in August. There have been three occasions of three-digit rains, which is August 5 at 125 mm, August 6 at 148 mm and August 15 at 115 mm.

As a state, Goa is already in excess, with the normal being 2599 mm, while actually, 3113 mm already has already been observed, resulting in 20 percent excess rains.

Rainfall will be light for the next four to five days, thereafter, moderate showers may be witnessed in the state.

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