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Now, get the accurate weather forecast for each & every city & village in India

ভারত ও আবহাওয়া উপগ্রহ চিত্র
Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 16 January 2018
ভারত ও আবহাওয়া উপগ্রহ চিত্র
Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 16 January 2018
15 days rainfall forecast
15 Days Rainfall forecast for india

টুইটারে আবহাওয়া
#Frost in #SriGanganagar #Rajasthan damages mustard crops, situation to improve: @AgriGoI @VasundharaBJP #weather
Tuesday, January 16 17:15Reply
Tuesday, January 16 16:30Reply
#Lucknow is likely to remain #fog free for another 24 to 48 hours: #weather #UttarPradesh @UPTPLKW
Tuesday, January 16 15:45Reply
मंगलवार को भारत के मैदानी भागों में सबसे ठंडा स्थान रहा राजस्थान का सीकर शहर। सीकर में पारा गिरकर 0.0 डिग्री सेल्सि…
Tuesday, January 16 15:00Reply
जम्मू कश्मीर और हिमाचल प्रदेश में एक-दो स्थानों पर हल्की वर्षा होने या बर्फबारी होने की संभावना है:…
Tuesday, January 16 14:15Reply
RT @Rahul_Manav11: January's 15 days recorded a lower minimum temperature compare to previous years.In Four Years 2018 is the Coldest year…
Tuesday, January 16 14:14Reply
#Sikar in #Rajasthan is the #coldest city in the plains of #India, with night temperature settling at 0°C: #weather
Tuesday, January 16 13:30Reply
Generally, North #Rajasthan records very low minimum temperatures during the winter months and January is the…
Tuesday, January 16 13:00Reply
Isolated light #rain and #snow are expected over higher reaches of Jammu and #Kashmir and #HimachalPradesh: #weather
Tuesday, January 16 12:30Reply
समग्र भारत का साप्ताहिक मौसम पूर्वानुमान: 15 से 21 जनवरी, 2018: #weather @NavbharatTimes
Tuesday, January 16 12:00Reply
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