Walash, Iraq আবহাওয়া

টুইটারে আবহাওয়া
उत्तर भारत में पंजाब से लेकर हरियाणा, दिल्ली, उत्तर प्रदेश और बिहार में रह घना कोहरा। सड़कों से लेकर ट्रेन और हवाई… t.co/zuWWcHHSZm
Wednesday, January 22 14:15Reply
For those who haven’t yet got a chance to enjoy the snowfall in picturesque #Uttarakhand can hit the hills of… t.co/EGOpqR4abm
Wednesday, January 22 14:07Reply
According to senior meteorologists at Skymet, #Uttarakhand can expect more tourism as #snowfall in the state is exp… t.co/HO53MY2I4U
Wednesday, January 22 14:00Reply
दिल्ली, पटियाला, गोरखपुर, बरैली, लखनऊ और बीकानेर में आज सुबह घना कोहरा देखा गया. दृश्यता घटकर मात्र ० मीटर पर रिकॉ… t.co/7sR8UTT7tU
Wednesday, January 22 13:49Reply
बुधवार को देश के मैदानी भागों में सबसे ठंडा स्थान रहा उत्तर प्रदेश का फुरसतगंज शहर। जहां न्यूनतम तापमान फिर से गिरक… t.co/TxWvxxOpPV
Wednesday, January 22 13:30Reply
Who knows that in times of these extreme weather events, we might see formation of a positive as well as strong IOD… t.co/X6Z4ngBtNo
Wednesday, January 22 13:20Reply
Now, if present situation is to be believed, this is a great relief for the country, with #ElNino not being around.… t.co/T3EilphnW5
Wednesday, January 22 13:10Reply
There is a probability of around 60 per cent that #ENSO to remain neutral through Northern Hemisphere Spring 2020 a… t.co/FswjWUWji6
Wednesday, January 22 13:00Reply
Scattered light to moderate rain and snow would be seen in #ArunachalPradesh. #Rain and thundershowers are likely i… t.co/l3kDyL2c71
Wednesday, January 22 12:30Reply
#WeatherForecast: During the next 24 hours, scattered light to moderate rain and thundershowers may occur in East a… t.co/z0imGIkymk
Wednesday, January 22 12:20Reply

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