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Incorporate almond oil in your skincare routine today!

February 9, 2022 9:25 AM |

Benefits of Almond Oil

Almonds are an abundant source of Vitamin A, E & B-7 aka Biotin, they are immensely good for increasing memory, rejuvenating skin & uplifting your hair health by working on them radically.

Deyga’s sweet almond oil is one perfect oil to check your skin & hair health at the same time. Cold pressed in nature, this oil is pure, organic & naturally rich in skin friendly properties. Let’s have a look on the ways it benefits your skin:

• Almond oil has a natural SPF 5, hence it protects skin from sun exposure to some extent.

• Vitamin A aka Retinol in sweet almond oil adds to the ability of skin to produce new cells, hence increasing skin elasticity.

• Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it’s utterly helpful in controlling premature signs of ageing.

• Along with astonishing anti-aging properties, this oil is antibacterial that heals minor cuts or wounds in no time.

• Zinc in this sweet almond oil helps in reducing scars to a great extent. Besides, it also heals brittle nails.

• Vitamin E provides a protective layer to skin by preventing cell damage. It defends skin against the direct attack of UV rays as well.

• When mixed with a few drops of Lavender essential oil it can help people who suffer rosacea. Eczema & Psoriasis are also treatable with this potent natural oil.

• Almond oil has rich nourishing properties which keeps skin hydrated, soft & smooth for a long time.

Aren’t almonds the treasure of nutrition? Now, the question arises how can you incorporate almond oil in your skin care. Well, the answer to it is, ‘simply in many ways’. A few of them are mentioned below:

As a cleanser: When it comes to double cleansing, almond oil can become your oil based cleanser.

As a moisturizer: It hydrates skin really well for it’s easily absorbed in the skin.

As/In a face mask: Almond oil boosts the potency of any DIY face mask for its source of so many skin friendly nutrients.

As a carrier oil: For your favorite essential oil, almond oil can become the carrier oil enhancing the power of essential oil.

As a makeup remover: It deeply cleanses pores & removes every bit of makeup efficiently.

As a glow potion in your foundation: Mixing a little amount of almond oil in your liquid foundation can bring a natural glow on your face. It’s a secret for subtle dewy no-makeup look!

As an under eye treatment: Don’t have an under eye cream? Worry not, almond oil is your trump card when it comes to dealing with dark circles.

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