Chennai awaits arrival of Northeast Monsoon as chances of delay loom large

October 11, 2019 10:22 AM |

Chennai Monsoon

October began on a rather dry note for the city of Chennai which otherwise starts receiving moderate rains until the onset of Northeast Monsoon over the city. In fact, according to the data, until October 11, Chennai has only received only 1 mm of rains.

Although yesterday, some light rains made an appearance over Chennai wherein the Nugambakkam observatory received very light rains during afternoon hours.

On the contrary, the month of October is one of the rainiest months for Chennai with a monthly average of 315.6 mm. This makes it the second rainiest after November which receives a slightly higher average of 374.4 mm rains.

Usually, Northeast Monsoon arrives over Chennai around October 20, with a deviation of around one week.

Also, looking at the weather forecast for Chennai, we do not expect any significant rains over the city for the next four to five days. Rains may increase slightly around October 16. During that time also, we do not expect any heavy downpour. But there may be a few light to moderate spells which will bring down the temperatures of Chennai and the weather may become somewhat comfortable.

As a matter of fact, Southwest Monsoon hasn’t yet made a departure from the region. The circumstances point out to a slightly delayed onset of Northeast Monsoon over Chennai this year as the withdrawal of Southwest Monsoon has already got delayed by more than one month. We will have to wait and see whether Chennai will reach its monthly average rainfall figure this year or not.

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