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Cyclone Season comes to an end with 6 storms in Arabian Sea, only 3 in Bay of Bengal

January 3, 2020 3:48 PM |

Cyclone in India

The Indian seas host two Cyclone seasons, one of them being between March and May i.e. the Pre-Monsoon season, and the other between October and December which is the Post Monsoon season.

There are times when the Cyclone season comes to an end well before the end of December. A few occasions have also seen no storms forming in December. Invariably, the cyclone season bids adieu from Bay of Bengal and the last storm mostly forms in the Bay of Bengal itself.

Talking about Cyclone statistics, in the year 2010 no storms had formed in December. Meanwhile, 2011 saw the season extending right up to December 31 wherein Thane Cyclone had formed between December 25 and 31.

In 2012 no storm had formed in December while 2013 had seen Madi forming in Bengal between December 6 and 13. Both the years of 2014 and 2015 had no storms in December. Talking about 2016, it saw two storms including Nada and Vardah until December 13. 2017 had seen Cyclone Ockhi, again having formed in the Bay of Bengal, going to Arabian Sea between November 29 and December 6 with no landfall as such.

2018 made a little exception, which saw the formation of Cyclone Phethai in Bay of Bengal from December 13 to 18. However, the storm season extended, spilling into January 2019 as the extension of Pabuk came from Thailand.

2019 was a year of exceptions wherein a storm was seen in January along with which 2019 December saw its last storm as Pawan in the Arabian Sea between December 2 and 7, which is another exception.

2019 remained contentious as another storm came up in Arabian Sea which had been declared as a Tropical storm by JTWC and IMD kept it as a Deep Depression. Thus, 2019 had 9 storms in total ratio being at 6:3, with 6 in Arabian Sea, which is double the storms in Bay of Bengal which is very rare.

The Cyclone season has now come to an end and the next storm will only be seen in the Pre-Monsoon season, which is in March or even later.

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