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Delhi temperatures to increase once again

February 24, 2023 6:32 PM |

Delhi and the NCR region saw the month of February observing temperatures on the higher side for a very long time. Moreover, on February 20, the maximum temperature touched Feb it touched 33.6 dgerees.

Thereafter, there was a significant drop with maximums going below 30 degrees. The minimum temperatures had risen above 15 degrees on February 21 saw it at 10.9 degrees. Both the maximum and minimum did witness a 5 degree drop.

The pattern is all set to change and both the maximum and minimum will see an increase very soon. Another four to five days may see the maximum temperature increasing to 32 and 33 degrees. Even before that, maximums will witness an increasing trend.

As far as rains are concerned, no rainfall is likely over Delhi and the NCR region, particularly for the next few days. In the past ten years, it has only been the third time that Delhi has remained totally dry in the month of February.

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