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Gujarat gears up for second summers as Monsoon 2019 retreats, mercury to soar till 40 degrees

October 12, 2019 9:36 AM |


Southwest Monsoon 2019 has started its journey back and has retreated itself from many parts of Central India including Gujarat. Although it has been most delayed start to withdrawal of Monsoon, but in span of just 3 days it has vacated entire Northwest India, many parts of Central India along with few areas of East and West India.

The Withdrawal Line of Monsoon is at present running through Latitude 26.5°N/Longitude 87.5°E, Forbesganj, Daltonganj, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Ahmedabad, Naliya and Latitude 23.2°N/Longitude 68.5°E. In fact, weather conditions are quite conducive for further withdrawal of Monsoon from Gujarat anytime now.

According to weathermen, withdrawal of Monsoon means change in air mass. As the Monsoon vacates the region, we see change in wind direction i.e. humid winds are replaced with warm and dry northwesterly winds. Sky will be clear, with bright sunshine.

In wake of this, day temperatures are now all set to increase. Initially, the rise would be a gradual one, but soon they would surpass 40-degree mark. Thus, coming days would be encountering hot afternoons. October is considered to be second summer season for the state.

In fact, day maximums are already witnessing rising trend wherein coastal areas are recording maximum temperatures in high 30s, while interior parts are settling in mid 30s.

However, nights would be fairly comfortable. As the sky would be clear, therefore during the night time earth releases its energy in form of long wave radiation which would help in cooling down the earth surface much faster. Contrary to this, when the sky is cloudy, earth's energy gets trapped between clouds and earth surface that is known as green house effect. As a result, night temperatures do not drop.

Now, the weather would be dry as well as dry, thus nights would be cooler and comfortable.

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