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Mumbai soars, heading for a hat-trick of 38 degrees

March 5, 2021 7:34 PM |

Mumbai weather

Mercury is literally shooting in Mumbai and crossed 38°C yesterday. Day temperature of 5°C above the normal is nearly smouldering the city and high humidity level is further stifling the financial capital. The temperature in Mumbai has been soaring for the last 3 days and added 3°C to reach 38.1°C on 04th March.

Mumbai has a monthly normal of 32.8°C in March and mostly hover around 30-31°C in the 1st week. Contrarily the average for the first four days turns out 36.5°C and likely to climb further. Mumbai has precisely turned in to a heat island and is overshooting the heat index. Relief with the setting of the sea breeze is reaching a little late albeit with rising humidity levels. Sultry conditions are crossing the threshold and raising the discomfort level during evening and night also.

Weather conditions and wind pattern is changing over north India due to passage of western disturbance. The cascading effect has pushed the seasonal anticyclone to Gujarat and Konkan. Winds from land are strong and dominate till forenoon hours. This feature is acting as a barrier resulting in oppressive heat till afternoon and perspire thereafter. This pattern is likely to prevail for the next 3-4days. Mumbai is heading for a hat trick of 38°C with the mercury rising further today and tomorrow.

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