Pre-Monsoon rain in Mumbai and its suburbs to continue for another 48 hours

June 3, 2019 8:46 AM |

Mumbai rains

After a prolonged dry and hot spell, Mumbai and its suburbs received first rainy shower with light rain and thundershowers activities. These rains have been attributed to the feeble trough which has developed along the Maharashtra Coast.

Now we expect light to very light rain and thundershowers with partly cloudy sky to continue over Mumbai and its nearby areas for another 48 hours. Thereafter, weather conditions over the financial capital of India will once again go completely dry.

This year as the onset of Monsoon is delayed and is expected to mark its onset over Kerala on June 7, instead of its normal onset date of June 1. Thus, we expect that pre-Monsoon weather activities will also get delayed over Mumbai and its suburbs. This may also delay the Monsoon arrival over Mumbai by week or so.

Normally during the month of May, Mumbai starts receiving pre-Monsoon weather activities. But this year the scenario is a bit different and till now no significant trough or weather system has formed over the Northeast Arabian Sea adjacent to Gujarat or Maharashtra Coast. Thus, pre-Monsoon rains remained almost nil for Mumbai during this season.

Weather conditions in Mumbai remained almost dry. Now, these rains will bring some relief from the ongoing hot weather conditions over the city. However, as rain intensity will be light, temperatures of Mumbai will not subside much. Heavy rains will be ruled our and rains may once again pick up pace around the onset of Southwest Monsoon.

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