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Rains across the country result in disappearance of heat

March 22, 2023 5:50 PM |

Heat had built up in the first half of March for many parts of the country wherein temperatures had increase. In fact, some parts had even resulted in observing heat wave conditions and many parts of India had recorded the highest maximum of the season and some even broke a few records.

Now, weather conditions have observed some kind of change due to Pan India rainfall activity, which has furthermore resulted in heat vacating from most parts of the country. Even the pockets of Maharashtra and Gujarat that saw intense heat have seen significant drop in the mercury levels.

At the moment hottest pockets are in the southern region of the country where maximum are around 36-38 degrees. However, it does not look like the temperatures will see a rise up to 40 degrees in any part.

Extreme heat is unlikely to return for the next few days. Even Gujarat and Maharashtra will not see the extreme heat make a comeback anytime soon and will see temperatures either below normal or close to the normal levels only.

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