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मौसम विशेषज्ञों के अनुसार 21 जनवरी से फिर से पूर्वी आर्द्र हवाएं राज्य पर पहुंचेगी और #Punjab से पूर्वी उत्तर प्र… t.co/ERWqQEPeY6
Sunday, January 19 12:13Reply
This Winter chill can be attributed to the prevalence of northerly winds blowing over the region all the way from s… t.co/pp5eAeHyXu
Sunday, January 19 12:00Reply
#Delhi woke up to a rather cold day today with morning temperatures settling close to 6.2 degrees. This is the cold… t.co/S3tBCbY3gE
Sunday, January 19 11:59Reply
Today the maximum temperatures are likely to settle at about 16 to 17 degrees while night temperatures will remain… t.co/sRHrxOgf0N
Sunday, January 19 11:59Reply
Light #rain and snowfall will affect some places over Jammu and #Kashmir, #HimachalPradesh, Uttarakhand, #Assam, Na… t.co/bMnV22qV8g
Sunday, January 19 11:17Reply
During the next 24 hours, light to moderate #rain and #snowfall will continue at scattered places over… t.co/pgrvpGQ2pr
Sunday, January 19 11:16Reply
बिहार, झारखंड, और पश्चिम बंगाल में भी हल्की बारिश हो सकती है। इन जगहों पर सुबह के समय घना कोहरा छाया रह सकता है। पं… t.co/rmUYwFXZVi
Sunday, January 19 10:52Reply
Once the weather clears up, northerly winds are likely to resume over the region, leading to a drop in the day and… t.co/GVE4pjIjSO
Sunday, January 19 10:34Reply
Rain intensity is expected to increase on January 21, wherein light to moderate #rain and #snow with a few heavy sp… t.co/LYnGWjRsHE
Sunday, January 19 10:34Reply
Light to moderate showers may lash Northwest #UttarPradesh on #January 21 #weather #rain #winter #forecast t.co/1mXQO5Jis8
Sunday, January 19 09:37Reply

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