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Allahabad, Lucknow and Kanpur face harsh weather in August

Monsoon this year began on a poor note across the country including Uttar Pradesh. East U.P was facing a rainfall deficit of 56% in June and 25% in t...

West Madhya Pradesh receives better monsoon rain

The geographical heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, experiences extreme climatic conditions including frequent spells of rain. The interiors of the stat...

Weather Forecast for India

Global Warming

United States hit hard by climate change and Global warming

May 13, 2014

Climate change is growing worse with each passing day, becoming real and proving to be a threat to our planet. The effects of human-induced climate changes are being severely felt in the United States. A recent report known as the National Climate Assessment, mandated by around 300 leading scientists and climate experts, stated that...

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The world augments environmental awareness on Earth Day

April 22, 2014

Earth Day celebrated annually on the 22nd of April, demonstrates support for environmental protection. This worldwide event marks the anniversary of modern environmental movement which began in 1970. This day is now celebrated in more than 190 countries History of Earth Day Peace activist John McConnell first conceptualised the idea of celebrating a day...

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Effects of Global warming on ecosystems and human health

April 11, 2014

The wide array of health problems engulfing the globe will be aggravated by a rapidly warming planet in the coming decades, believes United Nations. Public health concerns will be irreparable due to Global warming. The harmful effects of Global warming on health and general wellbeing has been exposed years back and expected to increase...

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Pollution, Climate change feature in BJP poll manifesto

April 8, 2014
BJP manifesto

The Bharatiya Janata Party has taken cue from the recent studies carried out on global warming and climate change by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It has added steps to mitigate affects of Climate change and pollution in its Lok Sabha election manifesto released on Monday in Delhi. Here are some steps...

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"Most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years" keeps UK on toes

February 11, 2014
Weather in UK

A UK meteorological department report has claimed that the recent severe weather due to storms from the North Atlantic Ocean is not unusual but the prolonged spells of rain and intensity and height of coastal waves makes it the most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years. According to a news report published in...

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Heat-related death toll to rise by 257% in UK by 2050

February 5, 2014
Weather in Britain

The annual number of heat-related deaths in the United Kingdom could increase by up to 257% by 2050, from the current annual figure of 2,000 deaths. Elderly people over 85 years of age will be at the highest risk due to their increasing number and hot temperatures. Concerns about heat-related deaths have been raised...

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China’s air pollution changing world weather; Delhi not far behind

January 29, 2014
Smog in Delhi and Bejeing

A new study has revealed that the pollution in Asian countries, especially the air pollution in China is impacting global air circulations and affecting the world weather and climate patterns tremendously. Chinese cities, like Beijing have often observed pollution levels exceeding more than 100 times the acceptable limits set by the World Health Organization. Pollution...

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Climate change in India bringing more rain than normal

January 22, 2014
Climate change in India, rain in India

The adverse effects of climate change in India and the world are talked about regularly and a new study seems to have further reinforced the previous claims of link between rainfall intensity and increase in climate change. A study done by the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) stated that, as a result...

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China awaits winter snowfall

January 12, 2014
weather in China

While the U.S is witnessing polar freeze and record snowfall, people in China await enough winter snow. Weather in China turns snowy from November to January but this year during peak season, China has received less than two feet of snow. The only time China received heavy rainfall was in the month of November...

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Australia and Brazil swelter in heat, US shivers in cold

January 11, 2014

The Northern Hemisphere is reeling under mind-boggling cold conditions while, countries on the opposite end of the Earth crave for some relief from extremely hot weather. Brazil, Argentina, Australia are all sweltering under heat waves. Weather in Brazil A lack of cloud cover in the southeastern parts of Brazil has exposed the area to...

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