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Climate Change: A crisis for the world weather, different weather systems across the globe

June 28, 2019 6:27 PM |

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High impact weather in many parts of the world is being witnessed at present. Spain is battling scorching heat wave, while Hurrican Alvin is brewing in the Pacific Ocean. Along with this, torrential rains have been recorded in Northeast India's Cherrapunji with sultry weather conditions are being seen in the Middle East.

Let us understand how different weather systems are impacting different parts of the world.

With the formation of the first tropical storm of the Eastern Pacific, hurricane season came much later than average. Alvin, well off the coast of Mexico, has become the first hurricane of the season. However, the season for the Tropical Storms in the Pacific initiates May 1 onward.

Alvin is not expected to directly threaten land, but rather continue on a west to the northwest path and is almost 600 km away in the open sea from the California coast. The experts have to say that this Tropical Storm might intensify into Cat I in 24 hours.

Spain is in the grip of a vicious heatwave that has hit much of Europe this week. Temperatures are expected to soar above 40°C in Spain this weekend as the Saharan wind brings sweltering heat to mainland Europe. Residents have been advised to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

As per the forecasters, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Madrid, Ciudad Real, Jaen, and Seville will be reeling under severe hot weather conditions.

Unlike Europe, Middle East countries by this time of the year are dominated by severe hot weather conditions. Shamal a northwesterly hot and dry, dusty winds blowing over Iraq and the Persian Gulf states (including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), are often strong during the day. Thus, Riyadh and Kuwait recently recorded 44°C and 46°C, respectively. With such extreme heat wave conditions, no relief is foreseen. A change is likely when the wind pattern will make a change, which is not expected anytime soon.

Cherrapunji, a small town in Meghalaya is noted for having one of the world’s highest average annual precipitation levels. According to Skymet Weather, moderate rains with one or two heavy spells are likely over the northeastern states, particularly in Sikkim, Assam, and Meghalaya for another 24 hours. Thereafter, rainfall activity will start to weaken in the region as the Cyclonic Circulation will subsequently intensify into a Low-Pressure Area over the Northwest Bay of Bengal. Thus, moisture-laden winds will get diverted towards the weather system, resulting in reduced rains over Northeast India. Between June 25-28, 2019, Cherrapunji recorded 127 mm, 159mm, 292mm and 305 mm of rainfall, respectively.

Also, the forecasters at Skymet anticipate that a strong system is likely to develop in the Western Pacific Ocean which is indicative of some storm on the Japanese coast. Thus, inclement weather conditions might be a sight in East China and Japan for the next few days.

The city of Perth in Australia is enduring its wettest June since 2005, almost 14 years from now. Earlier, Perth was facing drought-like conditions as the summers have been crucial this time courtesy El Nino.

In the last 24 hours, Perth recorded 205 mm of rains against the average of 124.5 mm rains for the month of June. The heaviest rains of 476.1 mm were recorded way back in 1945. However, these bountiful rains will not be able to catch even close to the normal of the season. This is because of the earlier drought-like conditions being faced by the city.

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