Historic floods in Nebraska, huge loss to humanity

March 19, 2019 3:39 PM |

Floods in Nebraska

Nebraska is a state that lies in both Great Plains and the mid-Western United States. Extreme weather events are on a rise. We have seen increase in hurricane intensity, extremely heavy rainfall, extreme heatwave conditions and increase in forest fires.

Floods in Nebraska is the growing event of climate change. Due to climate change and global warming, additional heat and water vapour in the atmosphere are providing more energy and moisture to form storms. The Bomb cyclone over Colorado last week was such an example. Weather storms are either becoming more frequent or stronger.

Recently, the catastrophic flooding in Nebraska submerged roads, dams were overflooded and at least a third of Offutt Air Force Base submerged. This highlights the threat that extreme weather has taken people’s lives and poses danger for national security. The heavy rains acted as a catalyst and melted snow on the roads leading to devastating floods, rain slicked off frozen ground, snow melted, and ice thawed on rivers.

According to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), 74 cities, 65 counties and four tribal areas have issued emergency declarations in Nebraska. Flood records have been shattered in 17 places across the state and rivers will likely break more cresting records this week. At present, Nebraska is virtually cut off from the outside world as no escape is foreseen form this flooding. Private pilots are serving the rescue operation free of cost.

Due to climate change, weathermen and scientist are warning recurrent floods with great intensity. The storms would be more violent and frequent which would cut down the infrastructure, health, food and water security.

Image Credit: Axios

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