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Orange snow turns East Europe into Mars

March 28, 2018 10:30 AM |

orange snow post

The rare meeting of Siberia and the Sahara resulted in Orange snow to fall in parts of eastern Europe. The freak weather incident was spotted in the mountains in Russia's Sochi region, along with easternmost region in Georgia's Adzharia region and at Romania's Danube port of Galati.

While it was a matter of decoding the reason for the mud-colored snow in most parts of East Europe, it did not stop the skiers to post pictures of them skiing on the orange snow on social media. To some, it was more resembling skiing on Mars.

The sandstorm and dust storms have transformed the hilly terrains of Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, and Romania into a lookalike of Mars landscape.


However, the meteorologists claimed that the orange snow was the outcome of the collision of snow of Siberia with the dusty winds blowing from the Sahara Desert in Africa.

As per the weathermen, the winds carrying the dust particles from the Sahara Desert got merged with the massive snowfall that occurred in Romania on Friday. This resulted in the snow to take a tint of Orange thus turning the snowfall into an Orange-hued snowfall.

The further explanation of this is that a series of disturbances cause massive snowfall over the eastern parts of Europe. Whereas, the northern parts of Africa including the Sahara Desert has been witnessing a rising trend in the temperatures.

Moreover, the movement of any weather system causes some dust storm activities to kick up and due to the prevailing winds blowing from the southeasterly direction in the higher reaches, it gets carried over to Siberia and gets mixed with the snowfall activities.

However, this rare phenomenon had occurred in the past also, but the concentration of sand this time was much higher.

Image Credit:  New York Post    

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