7 Reasons You Must Visit Kerala During Monsoon

June 1, 2016 12:40 PM |

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Even though Kerala remains carpeted in green, Monsoon rains transform this ‘God’s own country’ into a slice of paradise. When the dark clouds that bear transforming rain sail on the wings of winds and sway in Kerala, they simply make the green greener, make life livelier and infuse romance in the air.  And so, even though most of the people may refrain from visiting India’s heaven during Monsoon, we give you reasons why Monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala.

Romance the Rains

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: trekearth.com

If you are looking to spend some time amidst the magic of nature, then nothing is better than admiring the beauty of Kerala during Monsoon. The ‘pitter patter’ noise of the sweet rain, the cool breeze of the Monsoon rain and savouring good food, this is what it is like in romantic Kerala. The constant downpour in Kerala is the place to be for couples who seek a romantic spot.

Participate in the Festival of Monsoon

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: hotelsinsouth.com

It’s like the Monsoon ushers in a season of celebration and jubilation in Kerala. The most important harvest festival of Kerala, Onam, is celebrated in the state from August – September, lasting for 10 days. Seasonal and colourful flowers, flower carpet, hues of traditional dresses and decorated beautiful temples adorn Kerala during Monsoon. The famous boat ride is one of the prime attractions during Monsoon in Kerala.

Relish the Gush of Backwaters

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: paradise-kerala.com

Monsoon in Kerala also makes the backwaters most visited place by people who love to lose themselves in the tranquility. A look at the lush green palms through your eyes while sitting in the conventional houseboats is a scene that Monsoon enhances. Kollam, Kochi and Alleppey are some of the backwater spots in Kerala.

Start a Beach Affair with Kerala

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: keralahouseboat.org

Kerala boasts some of the splendid landscapes that get kissed by pure and fresh rains during Monsoon magnetizing people to spend long weekends, vacations or holiday in the beautiful state. Untouched by hordes and commercial setting, Kerala is still home to unique beaches that do not fail to portray the nature especially during lovely weather of Monsoon. Though an array of water sports like para-sailing, diving and boating will keep you entertained during your visit to these pristine water bodies.

Revitalize with Rejuvenating Therapies

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: keralavaidyashala.org

Even the elephants enjoy the Ayurvedic diet during Monsoon then why stop ourselves. Moreover, the cool and moist weather which is dust free during Monsoon is an ideal time for oil massages as pores are able to breathe actively and absorb oil better. So head to Kerala in Monsoon, enroll yourself in a long-week spa treatment, indulge in some Ayurvedic diet and let the body and skin treatment cleanse your body and mind. Head to Kerala for rejuvenating therapies. In fact, head to inspiring healing holidays.

Taste Monsoon in a Cup

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: sybillijecker.com

How about tasting or sipping the hot piping tea in the Monsoon weather? Taste the freshly plucked tea leaves from tea gardens and savour the rich flavours of tea. Some of the tea gardens estates in Kerala are without a doubt the most beautiful gardens and give the most exhilarating experience one can desire for.

Explore the Hills of South India

6 Reasons to Visit Kerala During Monsoon

Image Credit: keralabackwater.com

When it rains, it pours in Kerala. But don’t be afraid if someone asks you to venture out for a rendezvous with the scenic hill stations of Kerala during Monsoon as nothing impregnates these hill stations with beauty than the eagerly awaited Monsoon in India. Whether you want to go to the magical Munnar, or wish to explore the wild side of Kerala at Thekkady, you won’t be disappointed.

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