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IPL 2019: Pleasant Bengaluru to host RCB v KXIP battle

April 24, 2019 8:39 AM |

RCB v KXIPThe Indian Premier League has once again become an interesting affair as all these teams continue to move forward with their A game ahead. So much so that there is a war amongst the teams to stay at the topmost line.

Tonight, another power packed clash will take place between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Kings XI Punjab at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru at 8 PM.

Weather wise, Bengaluru weather will not see rains and will mostly remain dry. Weather will be pleasant with temperatures in Bengaluru settling between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius. Humidity will be on the lower side only.

Talking about teams, the Royal Challengers Bangalore despite winning two consecutive games are still in knee deep waters even now. In fact, they need to win each and every game from here on to ensure their position in the playoffs. Even one game can cost them the IPL.

On the other hand, the Kings XI Punjab have been alright performers, but they still will have to up their game because of the other teams performing really well. It will be interesting to see who ends up winning this one and who ends up on the losing side.

Meanwhile, talking about last night’s game, the Chennai Super Kings registered a win against the Sunrisers Hyderabad making their way back into the winning zone.

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