A few things you can do to celebrate this Earth Day

April 22, 2019 5:18 PM |

istockphoto-1057320928-612x612 Every year the 'World Earth Day' is observed on April 22. A few brands go on a social media campaign, a green hour is observed, the Google doodle sees some change and here you have it- the day comes and goes, and we, like any other day, resume our daily trails. But ever thought that you can also be the part of the Earth Day and celebrate the Earth, at least on this single day. Here are a few ways you can make the Earth feel special-

  1. Reuse and Recycle

Consignment-Stores-Ottawa So, there are some clothes and shoes lying around in your closet since a long time? You can use this occasion to get rid of your old belongings in the best way possible by handing them over on consignments, or on the counter of clothing brands (many brands like that of H&M actually take your old clothes)! Hand over that old book tray to the Kabaadivala. Old toys can be given over to NGOs like Goonj, instead of throwing them away.

  1. Turn off that switch (and make it a habit)

Here we are reiterating it again- don’t forget to turn off that switch when you leave the room. And essentially- make this a habit for the rest of the year! Use less water when you brush. Use a bucket instead of a shower, a mop instead of a water stream, a plant water sprayer instead of a garden hose. how-to-water-plants-648x432

  1. Take the Metro today

Instead of driving about in your personal car, take the public transport today. Sometimes, it’s also better to meet some earthlings on your way to the office! metro Now even the Delhi Metro is going all green! You didn’t know this? You need to read this- This.

  1. Take that trash out (from your street)

This Earth Day do not just go about doing your own trash but pay some heed to the trash lying outside your house as well. Make sure your street is clean. If you find trash clustered up somewhere, what else can be the best idea than to go on a cleanliness drive and also getting to know who lives next door! Well, thank us later! So, these were some you-already-know things which you can consider trying today and pay some tribute to the Earth of ours. After all, we all owe it something! Image Credits – iStockPerth Gardeningwhere.ca 

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