Fog free February for Delhi so far, similar conditions to continue

February 13, 2020 1:52 AM |

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It has rather been a fog-free February for Delhi so far. Although, after January the density significantly reduces, fog continues to persist at least in some pockets. But, it’s been nearly 13 days and no instance of dense fog has been reported so far.

The main reason for this is the absence of any significant rainfall activity. In the absence of rains, the humidity is low. Moreover, the moisture content is less. Also, the dry and cold strong winds are prevailing which are not allowing the layer of fog to settle down.

Continuously rising temperature in Delhi is another factor why fog-formation has remained absent in the region until now.

According to Skymet Weather, day and night temperatures in Delhi are expected to increase further during the next 48 hours. Moreover, in the absence of rain and the presence of strong winds, we do not expect moderate to dense fog to appear in Delhi and NCR for another two days.

Although there has been a Western Disturbance over the Western Himalayas, it has confined weather activities only to the hills. While it has miserably failed to affect the northern plains except for a slight change in the wind pattern.

In near future also, we do not expect any rainy episode in Delhi and NCR despite feeble weather systems making an appearance. Hence, dense fog is completely ruled out. The speed of wind may reduce to some extent after the passage of current WD leading to shallow fog in some areas post-February 15. But, nothing significant is likely to be seen.

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