Goa, Ratnagiri, Vengurla, Agumbe surpass 1000 mm rainfall mark

Goa, Ratnagiri, Vengurla, Agumbe surpass 1000 mm rainfall mark

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Southwest Monsoon has become quite weak for many parts of the country. However, it has been the West Coast which has seen moderate to heavy rains occurring in some parts. Moreover, three digits have also been observed over some parts of Coastal Karnataka, Konkan and Goa region along with the state of Kerala.

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In fact, cities of Ratnagiri and Vengurla have surpassed the 1000 mm rainfall mark in a mere 21 days of time. So far, Ratnagiri has recorded 1566 mm of rains while Vengurla has recorded 1120 mm.

Similarly, Goa has also been following suite as rainfall has been heavy enough to cross the 1000 mm rainfall amount as well.

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Meanwhile, Coastal Karnataka has also not been left far behind as rainfall amounts have been heavy enough in Agumbe with the city being able to witness over 1150 mm of rainfall. Out of these, Ratnagiri was the first city to be able to cross the four-digit rainfall mark this Monsoon season.

The rainiest pockets during the Monsoon season are the Northeast and the West Coast of the country. In fact, Cherrapunji is the first to record hefty showers and cross the 1000 mm mark. However, this time the city is just a little behind and has recorded 924 mm.

All these regions have very high monthly averages and usually range above 1500 mm and even around 2500 mm.

These Monsoon showers are expected to continue for some time now and more rainfall amounts will be seen in the coming days.

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