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Monsoon Mayhem For Mumbai, Treacherous Days Ahead

July 7, 2022 2:09 PM |

Mumbai has rained non stop for the last 3 days and the splash continues unabated. In the 1st  week of July, the capital city has massed 759mm of deluge, which include record 5 century rainfall days.  Incessant intense rains, accompanied with gusty winds are expected for the next 3 days, more ravaging today and tomorrow. Slight breather day after in terms of spread and intensity during later part of the day.

Base observatory Santa Cruz has an average of 840.7mm rainfall in July and  looks within reach today itself.  Ceaseless showers and squally winds have besieged most parts of the city and suburbs. Low lying areas, along with roads and lanes have been submerged in deep water. Astronomical tide, twice a day, with wave height of 3-4mtr is pushing large pool of water, next to the coastline. Draining of  stagnant water is restricted and also getting accumulated with the fresh downpour. Monsoon mayhem seems unstoppable and becoming dangerous for ‘Mumbaikars’.

July 2020 is on record an all time high for Mumbai, with a huge monthly rainfall of 1502.6mm.  The 1st week of July 2022 will surpass the monthly average of 840.7mm and go on to chase the all time record during next week. Heavy downpour between 07th and 09thJuly will be followed by a short respite for 48hr.  A fresh monsoon system will form over Bay of Bengal, gather strength and move inland across the central parts.  Another round of treacherous weather conditions, with torrential rains seem imminent for Konkan region in general and Mumbai in particular, around middle of next week, between 13th and 15th July2022.  During this period, the ‘supermoon’ on 13thJuly2022 will raise the bar of astronomical tide to 4.5-5mtr. Ferocious waves are likely to splash large volume of sea water across the coastline. This will lead to increased overflow of water bodies, next to the shore, already submerged due to copious rains.

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