Rains in Rajasthan has made the country heatwave free

June 12, 2016 10:04 AM |

Inside - Rajasthan - June 12

The gods have finally answered the long unheard prayers as Rajasthan is now a heatwave free state, for the time being. This has happened due to fairly widespread rain and thundershowers over Northwest India, particularly over Rajasthan last night. The ongoing heatwave has abated from the country.

Places like Chhattisgarh and East Madhya Pradesh have also received scattered light rain.

And now rain and thundershowers are expected to continue over Northwest India and some parts of East India. Due to such weather activity there will be no heatwave as of now. And it is likely to remain so by keeping the temperatures under check.

Gradually as the monsoon picks up its pace, south eastern parts of country like Telangana and Odisha after few days will show great decrease in temperature. However isolated pockets of Rajasthan may get heatwave conditions, but they are expected to be short lived and severe heatwave conditions will remain abated for the foreseeable future.

Image Credit: BCCL



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