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Republic Day weather for various cities in India

January 25, 2022 11:38 AM |

Republic Day is round the corner and we're here to give you an update for the morning of Republic Day, i.e. the flag hoisting ceremony weather for various parts of the country. Let us take a look:

Talking about the city of Srinagar, rains as well as snow will remain out of sight with severe wintry conditions gripping the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir. Both coldwave as well as cold day conditions will be seen on the Republic Day.

Lucknow will see thick fog during the morning hours. Cold breeze and chill factor will be adding to the already foggy morning. During the morning hours, Delhi may see foggy conditions in the morning time but by the time flag hoisting takes place, fog will have lifted already. Harsh conditions are expected for the spectators in Delhi.

Kolkata may see cloudy weather conditions with some sprinkles on the way during that time. It could be mild rains. Mumbai may see clear weather conditions during Republic Day. Indore is expected to see lower temperatures

As far as the southern cities are concerned, Hyderabad will see clear weather conditions during the morning hours. However, Chennai has an outside chance of seeing some sprinkles on Republic Day. Bengaluru has overcast skies in the morning, with thick low clouds during the morning hours but it will lift by morning

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