Delhi NCR Air Pollution Live Update With Air Quality: Air pollution chokes Delhi again, AQI in hazardous category, no relief soon

November 13, 2019 9:45 AM |

Delhi NCR Air Pollution

Updated on November 13, 9:30 AM: Delhi NCR to see bad air today and tomorrow 

After witnessing air quality in the ‘severe’ category on Tuesday, Delhi NCR is all set to see similar air today and tomorrow as well. 

This rise in pollution levels could be traced back to unfavorable weather conditions clubbed with rise in the instances of farm fires in adjoining states.  No immediate recovery from the pollution is in sight as weather conditions continue to remain unfavorable with low surface winds, dipping temperatures and blowing northwesterly winds taking along smoke of farm fires towards Delhi region.

Have a look at Air Quality figures recorded for various areas around the region- 

Updated on November 12, 11:17 AM: Air pollution chokes Delhi again, AQI in hazardous category, no relief soon

As predicted, Delhi air quality has once again entered in hazardous category on Tuesday morning. Unlike the last few days, Tuesday has started with hazy sunshine and less visibility. A layer of smog would be soon engulfing the national capital.

Two back to back western disturbances are likely to affect Jammu and Kashmir, which has also induced a cyclonic circulation over central Pakistan and Rajasthan. This has changed the wind pattern, restricting the flow of moderate northwesterly winds.

At present, winds are very light and calm and moist as well. Also, stubble burning in the adjoining state of Punjab and Haryana is also at its peak. Thus, pollutants would remain suspended in the atmosphere, resulting in the formation of layer of smog.

We do not expect any escape from the situation for the next few days, at least till November 15. Thereafter, moderate winds from the northwest would start blowing and would dissipate the pollution.

Have a look at Air Quality figures recorded for various areas around the region- 

Pollution in Delhi

Updated on November 11, 10:43 AM: Air quality in Delhi and NCR area declines, to remain worst until Nov 14

Once again AQI has entered into ‘poor to very poor’ category in Delhi and NCR area. At present, PM 10 is in poor category, while PM 2.5 in most of the areas is in ‘very poor’ category, with overall AQI standing at 342. In fact, one or two pockets such as Noida and adjoining areas are battling severe levels of pollution.

The meteorologists have predicted a further increase in the pollution levels and AQI will enter into severe category in some more parts of Delhi and NCR area during the coming days.

A change is this scenario is anticipated November 15 onward after the passage of the Western Disturbance. As the system passes, moderate winds from northwest direction would take over the region and help in dispersal of pollutants.

pollution table

Updated on November 10, 03:11 PM: Air quality in Delhi and NCR area to worsen yet again 

Air quality in Delhi and NCR area has been worsening once again. At present, AQI is in ‘very poor’ category. The same air quality is likely to continue over Delhi and NCR for the next few days.

According to Skymet Weather, due to light winds blowing over Delhi NCR during the next three to four days, the pollution index is likely to take a leap in the region. ‘Poor’ to ‘very poor’ air will prevail during the next few days since no significant rains or strong winds are expected.

Have a look at Air Quality figures recorded for various areas around the region- 

Pollution levels

Updated on November 9, 01:25 PM: AQI in Delhi and NCR improves further today

Today, Delhi’s air quality continues to remain in ‘moderate’ category with a slight improvement since yesterday.
At present, a feeble Western Disturbance is moving away from North of Jammu and Kashmir and dry northwesterly prevailed over Northwest Plains of India. Wind speed will remain mainly moderate during the day with a speed of around 15-20 kmph. These winds will continue to prevail until tomorrow. Thus, pollution level is likely to continue remaining in ‘moderate’ category over Delhi and NCR in the coming days.

Have a look at Air Quality figures recorded for various areas around the region- 

Updated on November 8, 09:25 AM: AQI in Delhi and NCR area to improve today

According to our meteorologists, winds are likely to pick up more pace and blow with moderate speed over Delhi and NCR area today. These winds would push away the air pollutants, leading to a further improvement in the pollution levels. However, chances of rainfall activities are less.

As per the data available with Skymet, the overall AQI of Delhi, today morning, was recorded at 314. The quality of air in many areas has improved and has entered into ‘moderate to poor’ category, while a few places have been still reeling under ‘very poor’ category.

However, this scenario is likely to get only better as a gradual improvement in air pollution is anticipated during the next 24 hours. And we expect, most of the areas to record AQI under ‘moderate to poor’ category now, barring a few pockets.

By tomorrow, the situation would improve even further as wind speed will increase up to 15 to 20 km, gusting to 25 kmph. Thus, it is safe to say that the Delhiites would be able to breathe somewhat cleaner air for the next two to three days.

Have a look at Air Quality figures recorded for various areas around the region-

Delhi AQI

Updated on November 7, 12:45 pm: Air Quality Index in Delhi deteriorates further, rains might play a saviour 

After a rather clean air day in the city, Delhi's air quality has once again plunged this morning. The reason behind this increased pollution is the slowdown of winds over the region. Also, the wind direction over Delhi and NCR is changing continually due to the approaching Western Disturbance. The change in wind direction has led to a decrease in wind speed and an increase in pollution.

However, soon rains are expected over Delhi and NCR. In fact, many parts of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan have received moderate rains already. These rains will wash away the pollutants leading to better air quality over Delhi and NCR.

We expect the pollution over Delhi and NCR to now come down to ‘moderate’ category over most places. Isolated pockets may still be in ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’ category.

Updated on November 5, 14:47 pm: Air Quality Index in Delhi and NCR improves

Delhi AQIAs per our experts, the moderate northwesterly will continue to blow and the sky will remain clear until November 6. Hence, we don’t expect smog to make a reappearance. Along with this, rains are expected over many parts of Northwest India especially the intensity will be more over Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan while light patchy rain will be seen over Delhi and NCR.

Updated on November 3, 11:50 am: 

Yesterday's rain has failed to bring about any respite from the ongoing pollution in Delhi. Moreover, today Delhi is observing the worst air in the season with an overall AQI of 475.  Moreover, many places in Delhi NCR are recording AQI figures close to 700 today. Noida tops the list of the most polluted region with an AQI of 667 today.

Updated on November 2, 3:10 pm: 

The overall AQI in Delhi has increased to 480 today. This is the highest AQI Delhi has seen this year. Most of the places in Delhi and NCR are witnessing pollution in ‘Severe’ to ‘Very Severe’ category. Isolated pockets are witnessing pollution in the ‘hazardous’ category as well.

Following this, no relief from Delhi pollution is in sight any time soon. Air quality might improve by November 4 when the wind speed will increase which will help in dispersing these pollutants.

Updated on November 1, 4 pm: 

Over the past few years, the month of October and November have become synonymous with Air Pollution turning the city into a gas chamber every year.

Since Diwali, AQI in Delhi has crossed the 400 mark on multiple occasions.

Today, the overall AQI in Delhi has once again increased while slipping to 425. Also, Anand Vihar has recorded an AQI at 691, which is alarming. The situation sears near to an AQI of 700 which marks an ‘emergency’. A day before on October 31, the AQI had eased a bit and was reported at 412.

Here’s the Live Air Pollution Report ranking various areas in Delhi NCR as per AQI. According to the data collected over Skymet AQI App at 2:30 pm:

Looking at the list, Vasant Kunj tops the list of poor air quality and stands at 648. Gurugram’s Sector 67 falls just behind at 641, followed by Faridabad at 608. Noida’s Sector 50, Ghaziabad and Rohini are just behind with AQIs above 500.

With this, many parts of Delhi NCR are reporting air quality in ‘severe’ category. Other pockets are in ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’ category.

The reason behind this pollution in Delhi can be traced back to the local pollutants clubbed with smoke particles being brought about by winds blowing from Punjab and Haryana. Moreover, the winds are presently light in intensity which are unable to disperse any pollutants.

We do not expect any significant relief from pollution for at least the next 24 hours until November 3.

Air Pollution In Delhi

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